By: Suzanne Fisher Staplesexternal image Shabanu.jpg
This book is about a girl who is named Shabanu-the daughter of the wind. She is a camel herder of the Cholistan desert who faces many problems while living there. She and her family constantly has to move from one place to another to find their needs such as shelter,food, and most importantly water. She also faces many troubles in her life. She has a best friend named Gulaband who is a camel that she loses later in her life. She also has an arranged marrage with whom she doesn't want to get married to. Life is without freedom for young Shabanu. Will she live up to the marriage with whom she hates? It's up to you to find out what happens next.

I really enjoyed reading this book and thought it was excellent. I strongly recommend this book to anyone,young or old.
Review by: Tina B.