Bree Tanner
Bree Tanner
The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

This book is about a girl named Bree Tanner. Bree was treated abusively by her father. Bree’s mother left her when she was only a child because of her father & so she eventually left home, in turn starving until she meets Riley. Riley is a vampire from the book Eclipse-- he is the spouse of Victoria.
Now Victoria has a beef with Edward, because Edward killed her lover and dearest friend James. So now Victoria plans to kill Bella by assembling an army to hurt Edward as deeply as he has hurt her.
Eventually Bree meets Diego, a vampire who is adventurous and trustworthy. He helps her see the truth in vampire life even if no one else does. She has been lied to, manipulated, and loved by one person who made her life worth living. Was that worth the price to pay for loosing Diego? Does she lose Diego? I know but you don’t-- but you could find out!!!!!!!!!!

Harmless by Dana Reinhardt
This is really a good book. I recommend this book to mature readers, though. This book is about three young high-school girls named Mariah, Anna, and Emma. One day Mariah’s boyfriend asks her and her friends to a small “party” at his house. They end up going on a Friday night without permission. The girls go and get into something they are not supposed to be doing.

After a while one of the mothers call them and gets mad because she finds out the girls were at a different place than where they said they were going to be. Things get messed up between the three girls, and then they have no ride back home. One of the boys offers to take them down by the river where they needed to be dropped off. That’s exactly where things get worse for them.

Anna, Emma, and Mariah all freak out because they know they are going to get grounded until they go to college. They think things are going to get better if they make up a “little” lie to get them out of trouble. The lie leads up to more than they hoped. They thought their parents would just forget about it, but everyone is taking it to the next level UP! The law is involved, and things turn upside down. What are they going to do with their life?! I say, personally, that this is a book that will teach a lesson that will tell everyone not to tell a HUGE lie to get out of trouble! J

Breaking Dawn is about Bella Swan, and she marries a vampire along with having the HONEYMOON! I personally love this book. It is romantic, dramatic, and a story of life’s lessons and unusual disturbances. This book is very long and fascinating. It tells how love conquers, even through troubled times.

Son Of The Mob, by Gordan Korman, is a very interesting book about this kid and his dad , who is the mob boss! It is affecting his life because everybody is scared of him, because they think he will get his dad to whack 'em if they do anything he doesn't like. The book is very interesting, and I think you should read it.
By: N.M.

Good Fortune by: Noni Carter The thing I like the most about this book is that it is about a young woman named Ayanna Bahati (slave name Sara) who wants to reach her part in freedom. She dreams so much about reaching freedom that she plans to run away from slavery with her older brother Daniel. These people are trying to reach a place called FREEDOM! After a month they reach a place up north where their freedom begins. Sara meets Mama Bessie who is willing to let her stay at her place until she can find her own way out in the world. Later on, Sara meets Mrs. Rosa who is an African American teacher for black students who want an education such as Sara. Sara finally gets her education. A couple of years later she meets a loved one. This is really an inspiring story that tells you have to fight for what you believe in the most, like Miss Sara! J
Reviewed by:
Daria C
November 17, 2010

Demon in My View (Den of Shadows)
Demon in My View (Den of Shadows)

This book is about Jessica, and she isn’t your average teen. Though nobody at her school knows it, she is the author of a book called Tiger, Tiger Her classmates don’t accept her because she wears black and doesn’t have a tan, not to mention she is adopted. Every character in her book is real, though she is finding it hard to believe. Alex a dark, handsome and mysterious vampire is sent to kill her. He is a character in her book ,but he soon comes to realize he can’t kill her.
Demon in my view
Reviewed by: taylor b. September 28,2010


I read the first volume of Vampire Night by Matusuri Hino. This book is about a school that is attended by two groups of students --the Day Class and The Night Class. There is a secret that Day Class doesn't know about the Night Class. The Night Class is vampires! Yuki and Zero must protect the dark secret from the Day Class. Yuki was adopted by the head master of Cross Academy. So was Zero , but his parents were attacked by a true-blood vampire. Though Zero was bitten, he has been hiding it for 4 years.
by Paola C.



I just finished the book Smile. It is about this girl who is a Girl Scout, and she and her friends decide to run home. But she trips over something, and one tooth falls out completely and the other one gets wedged up in her gum. So her mom takes her to the denist, and he gives her a retainer, but only for the two front teeth. After a couple of weeks she has to get braces.She thinks everyone will make fun of her, but they don't, and so the year goes by.

Later, she is an eighth grader, and she has a band class with this sixth grader. He likes her a lot, but she also likes him, so she tells her friends.They make fun her but she gets over it.

Next, she likes this boy who plays for the basketball team. She tries to get him to notice her by trying out for the basketball team, but he does not ever notice her. On her birthday, her friends lie and say that he will like her if she changes her clothing style.The friends get her to dress up. She looks like a major hooker -- they take picturers of her and she finds out the friends were lying, so she starts to cry.

She is in high school now, and has one more year for her braces to be taken off. The year ends up fast. When she finally gets her braces off, she is mad because her teeth do not look right. The dentist cheers her up by giving her a lot of popcorn.

November Blues, by Sharon Draper, was so good! It was about a girl named November, and she had a boyfriend named Josh who died from a tragic stunt. She thinks her life can't possibly get any worse. but her boyfriend left something behind that will change her life forever. She has to make the biggest decision-- How will she tell her mom and her boyfriend's parents the secret that Josh left behind.

I was reading a book called Glass!!

It is an interesting book. It is the sequel to the book Crank, by Ellen Hopkins.
Now the main character does crystal meth, and so her mom kicks her out of the house! She meets a new guy, Trey, and his crystal connection is the mexican mafia.One day, she and Trey got caught by the police, so they snitch on the mexican mafia!!
By: N.M.

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When she was 6 years old, her mother died from leukemia. When she was 14, her father was killed in a hotel room robery. This is Chelsey Shannon’s story. Being a teen she feel's as no one loves her or who really understands her. Thinking and crying about her father is all she does. Chelsey’s aunt moves in and tries to take care of her, but she is stressed with all the responsibilties of taking on a teen.

Another aunt has Chelsey fly out to California to stay out there for the summer. Chelsey enjoys writing more than anything, and continues to do this to pass on the loss of her father. She hear's about a creative arts school back in her hometown, so she returns with the hopes of getting in. As she arrives back in her hometown, she has come to find out that her house has been sold and she must move back in with her aunt.

A new school is not the best thing for Chelsey right know. She feels alone. She is mixed and usually is in school with more white people. This Arts school is different, there is much more ethnicities. Chelsey is shy and does not know how to fit in. She feels she will never get over the feeling of being an orphan.


A Child Called "it" by Dave Pelzer

Front Cover
Front Cover

"A child called It" is one of the most heartbreaking and inspiring stories that I have ever read so far. A book that shows how a small, young boy can survive an unforgettable and life threatening abuse through his own mother. This not only focuses on the main character, Dave, but also on the most difficult and unsuitable challenges he faces as a young child. His mother is a woman who had no sympathy for her own child's well being. She took him on her own hands and made him suffer a life that he thought he'd never live through.
As for me, I think this book is very motivational and sad at the same time. I strongly recommend others read this book and learn the effects of child abuse through the story of Dave.

A Child Called "it" By Dave Pelzer

This was really good but it was so sad. You should really read it. IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY if you like Dave Pelzer's books!
The mother is really abusive and doesn't care about her child any more. Before she got drunk she loved him so much. The child's name is David. So please check it out at Ms. Chen's Library!!!!!!!!!!!!! By : hearts4volleyball