Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment
Written by James Patterson

The Angel Experiment Is definitely a great book for readers of all ages. It is very fast moving and touching at the same time. I love the way the author uses his descriptive writing skills so well and makes it like you can almost see the story happening in your head. The story is about this girl Max and her flock of hybrids. They were taken from their parents as infants and had terrible experiments done on them that had turned them into 98% human and 2% bird. The children were stolen from the place where they had been experimented on in, Which they called ''The School''. They were stolen by one of the whitecoats named Jeb Batchelder who had felt sorry for them and actually cared about them. He gave them a place to live and left one day and never returned. The flock was sure he was dead. Then Angel, One of the flock was kidnapped and taken back to the school. The other 5 Max, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman, And Fang then set out on their mission to find their dearest Angel and maybe find something out about their parents that they had never even got to meet. They learn a lot of things about themselves and eachother during their trip. I will stop here because I don't want to ruin the story for you if you choose to read it but It is a great story. any reader can relate to the problems that the children in the story face. There is a lot of action but at the same time it is very emotional and touchy. It shows how a group of children can be Brought together like family and if they stay together they can make it through anything. It is a great story and i definitely recommend it to readers of any kind.