external image 30528639.jpgEleanor's Story
By: Eleanor Ramrath

This story was about a young American girl in "Hitler's Germany." Eleanor is the author and main charecter in this story. Eleanor is telling her true life experiance of being in Germany during World War II when supremacy groups forming. Since this is her journal, I know of no other books she has written.I had the early privledge of reading this book. I wouldn't recomend this book for any one under twelve. In other words only eighth grade through college should read this book. The story had somewhat of a happy ending, but don't let that confuse you this story was NOT a happy one. In this story Eleanor is living back and forth from America to Germany. All she knows about Hitler is what she and her evesdrop from thier parent's conversation. When you are mature enough to appreciate what she has recorded for you is when you fully get the notion that some higher being is watching over you, bcause "it could have been you!" I am truely thankful that now we can hopefully keep this situation from happening again. This is amazingly unfourtunate that a real dad, son, daughter, mom, and grandparents had to go through this because of thier religion. Just thank God "it wasn't you!"
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external image cover_year.gif"The year of the dog." by Grace Lin, is about her life experiences during the year of the dog. The year of the dog is a chinese holiday, its about finding out who you are. Grace Lin is the narrator of the story. One of her experiences is a trip to New York. She goes to Chinetown and she tries to find out who she is. I would reccomend this book for elementary school, ages 8-12, because its an easy book to read, but it does have long words that children 8 or younger might not understand. It is a very good book. If you need to learn about the Chinese culture this would be a great book to read.

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Goy Crazy: Melissa Schorrexternal image goy_crazy_paper.jpg

This is a fast paced novel about a Jewish girl who feels she is doomed to a lonely- loveless life. Rachel Lowenstein is transitioning to high school and looking for love! Rachel has a major crush on Luke, the star player of the basketball team.
Will she find love or will her annoying kid brother get in the way? I recommend this book to anyone who likes high school romance.

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external image 9781561454655.jpgTrick-or-Treat On Monster Street, by Matt Faulkner, is about a little boy, who is afraid of monsters because his big brother keeps scaring him. On Holloween night he departed from his brother and wondered onto a street named Monster street. On Monster street, he thought he saw litle kids in costumes but everything is not always what it seems.
I recommend this book to be read by 7-year-olds and under. This book would appeal to them because it shows pictures of funny looking monsters. It also send them a good message because it is telling them that Holloween is not scary.

By: Fishy

"Sabertooth" by Patrick O'Brien discusses the history of tigers. Smilodons, the main type of tiger discussed in the book, dies and sabertooth tigers become extinct. If "Sabertooth" was converted into a movie, tamed tigers with huge canines should play the part of the Smilodons. Patrick O'Brien provided facts and pictures
to help tell the history of tigers.
I recommend this book to be read by students in 3rd grade or higher because the vocabulary may be difficult for a younger audience. This book would be great for a report on sabertooth tigers!
by: sabertooth

Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? Cover
Who Ate All the Cookie Dough? Cover
'Who ate all the cookie Dough?'' is a fun-rhyming book. Children of all ages would enjoy this book, particularly five years and younger. This book is a mystery involving animals who are looking for the missing cookie dough. The book cover and illustrations are bright and colorful, and very attracting to the eye! Who stole the cookie dough? Did the Zebra, Llama, Hippo, Lion, Cheetah, or Monkey do it?

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