What is ELD?

Why is our perspective different?

Here is what we have read:

My First Pet Bilingual Library from the American Humane Association and Enslow Publishers.
My First Fish|| external image 9780766030367.jpg || |||| ||
Mi Primer Fish

Los peces doredo no viven no cristalina la mayoria de los pese tropicales nesesita aqua tibia. Tambien los pese tropicales nesesita mas cuidado.
Tambien los pese del mar nesesitan aqua salade. The part que mes me gusta is Que necesitara mi nuevo pez?
Para que los peseras esten complete y para que los pesen no se nuevan nesesitas a air pump end thermometer. Esto is 10 que I like. ||
Mi primer pez/My First Fish
Author: Linda Bozzo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3036-7
Publication Year: 2008
List price: $22.60
School & Library
Discount: $16.95
There are two different kinds of goldfish that I like. They are orange and the thing is that they are so cute.

What I don't like is that you have to clean the fish tank.

I like all the kinds of fish but the one I most like is the goldfish and I have 5 goldfish's.

I don't like cleaning the tank.

My First Guinea Pig and Other Small Pets|| external image 9780766030374.jpg || I like the book because it talks about animales like my favorite hamsters. I like hamsters because it is easy to take care of it. What I don't like is that you have to put it in a cage and I don't like that some of the hamsters are really messy. ||
Mi primera mascota pequena/My
First Guinea Pig and Other Small Pets
Author: Linda Bozzo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3037-4
Publication Year: 2008
List price: $22.60
School & Library
Discount: $16.95
I Don't Like:
  • I don't like to clean the cage of my animal.
  • I don't like when my animal has long nails.
  • I don't like your eyes in the night. He is an animal ugly when I see your eyes in the night.

I Like:
  • I like to play with my animal y so pretty.
  • I like to give food in your mouth.
  • I like when a hamster is white like when you see in the page #7 in this book.
  • I like all animals beautiful.

I like the picture how the book is illustrated and I think this book should be for sale.
My First Horse|| external image 9780766030350.jpg || I liked that the book teaches you how to take care of horses. It teaches you where it should live, what to feed it, and what it will need.

What I didn't like about the book is that it was short and I like reading nonfiction books that are at least 40 pages long. ||
Mi primer caballo/My First Horse
Author: Linda Bozzo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3035-0
Publication Year: 2008
List price: $22.60
School & Library
Discount: $16.95
This book is about horses. I like this book because abla como escojer un buen caballo. Y tambien abla de que existen many different kinds of horses. A great place to get a horse rescue group in otro buen lugar para conseguir cabllo es en sociedad humanitania. When picking a horse is good to have a vet look at the horse. Tambien nesesitas saber su edad y si tiene buena salud.

Este libro ese de caballos. A mi me encanto los paliminos. Los paliminos son mis favoritos su color me encunta estan hermoses. Me encanta que los veterinarios esten al pendiente de los caballos.
My First Bird|| external image 9780766030343.jpg || No me gusto proque aleunas veces se enferman los pajantos y abeces se muenen leso es lo que a mi no me gusta.

Y lo que me gusta es que lo gana 1. Iimpia y puedes jugar con el y tambien le puedes ensena a hablar.

I don't like because sometimes the birds is dead and is so sad.

I like teaching the bird. It is so pretty because you can lteach him to speak and he learns. I once had a bird in Honduras but he died. ||

Mi primer pajarito/My First Bird
Author: Linda Bozzo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3034-3
Publication Year: 2008
List price: $22.60
School & Library
Discount: $16.95
Description: Which bird is the best for me?
Now in Spanish and English, with help from
the American Humane Association, this book
explores how to choose the right bird and how
to care for your new pet. Learn what your
new pet bird will need to stay healthy and
happy in your home. || Well, about this book I like everything especially because it shows you how to keep your pet clean and safe. And 1 thing I don't like? Well, I like everything about it and I don't dislike anything.

Bueno sobre este libro me gusta todo especialmente porque te ensena como cuidar a tus animales y mantener los limpios y seguros. Y una cosa que no me gusta bueno me gusten todo sobre el libro Y no ay ninguren cosa que no me gusta. ||

My First Dog|| external image 9780766030329.jpg || I like that dogs have all kinds of sizes. I can pick a kind of dog or pupply.

I do not like that with dogs you have to go outside and wait for 45 minutes just to poo or pee.

I like about this that you can get a collar with a tag and have fun with dogs.

I do not like when they are just born or we have to wait when they are very little. ||
Mi primer perroo/My First Dog
Author: Linda Bozzo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3032-9
Publication Year: 2008
List price: $22.60
School & Library
Discount: $16.95
A great place to find a dog is at an animal shelter.

Some people adopt dogs from friends or neighbors.

There are many dogs and animals that need families.

A dog should have his own special place to sleep or rest.

A dog will need food and clean water.

The book is right. It is so exciting to have a dog as a pet. And it's right because it does bring in love and fun in the family.

But the most scariest thing is seeing your dog to the doctor to get a shot. It's very scary because, your dog as soon as he sees the needle, it starts to cry. It's very scary.

But the most cutest thing is when you come home and see your dog waiting for you to come.

My First Cat|| external image 9780766030336.jpg || I like this book because it tells me how to take care of cats and what you should do to make sure it's healthy. And what to do to find a pet? You need a microchip. ||
Mi Primer Gato/My First Cat
Author: Linda Bozzo
ISBN-13: 978-0-7660-3033-6
Publication Year: 2008
List price: $22.60
School & Library
Discount: $16.95
My first cat

I like to play with the cats. But I don't like to wash the box. Watching them is fun. I like clear eyes. Cats like to play with me. I like brown and white hair.

My favorite thing about cats is how you can take care of them. The cats are really cute. All the tips are good tips in this book.

The thing I don't like about cats is that their hair falls out a lot. And the cat litter stinks a lot.