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DRC: I recommend Nick of Time by Ted Bell. This book was amazing. It had danger, pirates, World War I, sailing, spies, and time travel. It was so good, I couldn't stop reading it. The author writes books for adults, too, but this is his first book for teens. Actually girls will like it, too, but the author wrote it for guys. You can read more here.


I like this book because it talks about things that happen in real life. This book starts as a regular day at Hazellwood High. It tells a story about five guys that are best friends and what they deal with through ouy there year. The five friends are the best of friends. These friends star a day just like always going to class, goofing off and not really caring about life and just having fun. Later that day they have a basketball game all of the five boys are part of the team. The boys are Rob,Andy,J.B,aGerland,and Tyrone. All of these boys are on the team. As they win victory on there game Andy who drives has beer in the back of his car. Like now in days we know that its bad to drive and drink. Well everyone of the guys go except Gerland. Later that night Andys girlfriend Keisha calls Gerland to see where Andy is at. Late that night the boys that were in that car have a car acciedent. Three survied but the star player of the team Rob dies that night. On Monday morning everyone is very sad, but there is one person who feels very guilty. Andy later in the book cant deal with the lost of Rob's death and feels responssible for his death. As Andy get more and more depressed and feels that the walls are closing there is only one person who seems to cxlam him down Keisha. When Keisha feels that nothing is the same in her realationship she and Andy break-up. As Andy feels that no one understands him he doesnt come to skool and his friend Rhonda takes his homework. When Rhona hears a a scream Andy that day took his life away leaving his love ones with something that made them wonder.

This book to me tells me that life has the biggest reats and we shouldnt keep it locked up. That life is a question but we should keep trying for those who could not make it any more and that freinds come and go but we will always have the memorizes in our hearts.

Mexican Immigrants In America
Mexican Immigrants in America
Mexican Immigrants in America

By Rachael Hanel

This book is great because it informs us about the life of immigrants. We have thought that our lives are hard, but truly we have no clue of what hard is. They leave loved ones behind and their whole customs of living. Then arrive to the so called “American Dream,” but really it’s an “American Nightmare.”

Immigrants send money to their family at home. In order to make money they must work in plantations and factories for less money than normal payments. Most of the time, they don’t even have a home, or food. Many die on their trip to America, but they’ll be living, .:La Vida Loca :.

But overall, I feel this book informs us about how you shouldn’t take life here for granted. For all the Raza on the other side of the fence – Don’t come!

Your Pollo Loco, Jesus De’Leon

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Caspar writes about Maximum Ride- The Angel Experiment - Written by James Patterson

The Angel Experiment Is definitely a great book for readers of all ages. It is very fast moving and touching at the same time. I love the way the author uses his descriptive writing skills so well and makes it like you can almost see the story happening in your head. The story is about this girl Max and her flock of hybrids. They were taken from their parents as infants and had terrible experiments done on them that had turned them into 98% human and 2% bird. The children were stolen from the place where they had been experimented on in, Which they called ''The School''. They were stolen by one of the whitecoats named Jeb Batchelder who had felt sorry for them and actually cared about them. He gave them a place to live and left one day and never returned. The flock was sure he was dead. Then Angel, One of the flock was kidnapped and taken back to the school. The other 5 Max, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman, And Fang then set out on their mission to find their dearest Angel and maybe find something out about their parents that they had never even got to meet. They learn a lot of things about themselves and eachother during their trip. I will stop here because I don't want to ruin the story for you if you choose to read it but It is a great story. any reader can relate to the problems that the children in the story face. There is a lot of action but at the same time it is very emotional and touchy. It shows how a group of children can be Brought together like family and if they stay together they can make it through anything. It is a great story and i definitely recommend it to readers of any kind.

Go check out James Patterson's page about this book.

Twilight review By Jake

Okay, I think Twilight was a very good and interesting book. When I first started reading the book I thought it was kind of boring, but I kept reading on and on and it got better and better. I loved the twists and turns in the book, and it made me keep on turning page after page to figure out what happens next. I think it’s kind of like a vampire love story, which is really cool. I was a big Harry Potter fan until I read Twilight and now I think I’m starting to be a Twilight fan also. I think Stephanie Meyer is an awesome writer and I love her books. Since I’ve started Twilight, I haven’t been able to touch another book. Now I’m going to try and finish the series. I would most definitely recommend this book to lots of people. It’s one of the best books I’ve ever read. I think Stephanie Meyer is one of the best authors ever. So if you really love books with awesome climaxes and a great love story, then you should read Twilight.

New Moon Review By Jake
New Moon
New Moon

Okay, I think New Moon was another awesome book by Stephenie Meyer. It’s another great vampire love story for everyone to read. Since I’ve read Twilight, I couldn’t wait to get New Moon. This book kept me reading for a long time. I liked almost everything in the book except one part, which was when Edward left Bella. I think this book shows a new, better friendship between Jacob and Bella, and maybe even a little more. But I love the way Jacob is there for Bella when Edward wasn’t. And Jacob was a good friend to Bella when she was hurt, and he knew what she felt for Edward, but he still stayed. Like I said it’s just another great book to read.. It’s an awesome book, and I loved it from the beginning to the end. I also loved the very end when Edward came back and fell for Bella again. I think it showed the strong love Edward had for Bella, and she had for him which was very great. Like Twilight I would recommend this book to lots of people, because it is yet another great book. The last thing I would like to say is please read the book, and I hope you enjoy it when you do.

Review by Jake
Now, Eclipse was one of the best books so far by Stephenie Meyer. I'm about to start Breaking Dawn, but this is still a very awesome book. Alot of stuff happens in this book that kept me reading on and on. Bella finds out Jacob is a werewolf and in this book she falls for Jacob, and tells that she's in love with Jacob. Even though she still loves Edward, she still has feelings for Jacob. This book has a lot of unexpected twists, and I hope you will read this book as well as the rest of the series. Like I said, lots of things happen in this book that was unexpected. If you read it you will love it from beginning to end. As always its another vampire love story, and now it's kind of like a vampire and werewolf love story since she falls for Jacob. If you've read Twilight and New moon, you will love Eclipse. So please take the time and read this book.I hope you enjoy it when you do, because it's a great book.

Letters to a Young Brother

Letters to a Young Brother was an emotional book. It shows what most young men go thorough in life. It was like from a boy turning into a man process. Hill Harper did a great job in this book as far from giving great advice. The book was mostly about life at school and life at home for a young man. The motto of the book was Manifest Your Destiny which meant to control your actions in life as a young man and the man you become is how your destiny will be. Hill Harper tells/shows young men the way to make it in life such as how to get a job and how many jobs are out there, and things such as relationship wise and how to get through family problems all orts of things boys/young men go through. The book shows how young men who are going through tough times or maybe even good how to make it in life as a man. The book had a lot of famous people in it writing letters to young men who had questions just like any other boy who had questions that were some sort similar like how to concentrate in school etc. They were giving good advice to help “young brothers” out in life. It gets you thinking about what you want to do in life and all sorts of things. It’s a very motivational book and I suggest all boys read it.

Review By Lewis


The story I chose to review is, Greek Myths. Greek Myths all started when the were monstrous (mostly) creatures called the Titans, but there was one the Mother Earth Gaea creator, of all nature. One day the Gaea fell in love with Uranus God of
stars. Soon the Earth an the Stars had children all loved the mother, but feared their father. They had six Titans, six glorious gods, along with six daughter whom became the god's wives. On one day Gaea had three more kids with one eye in the place of their forehead, Lightning, Thunder, and Thunderbolt, Uranus was very disappointed in them. Only one Titan, the strongest an youngest of his brothers an sister could force his father the fled away. So, then mother Earth Gaea gets married to the Pontus of the sea, her second husband, sprung from the watery depths of the beneath him. So then it was him who took the thrown. How all of it started. The book is a excellent book that I recommend reading to any reader. The book is based on how in the beginning with the Titans, Gods, and various more creatures things an animals. The book is based on Greek Myths an how Zeus, Athena, Hades, Poseidon, and various more Gods and their abilities. The book shares all about the arrangements an why things are the way the are in the world and how they got that way.

Breaking Dawn: Review by Jake
Okay, now im doing a review on the last book of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn. This was the best book out of all of the books so far. It was really awesome.
Breaking Dawn
Breaking Dawn
Lots of things happen in this book that could not make me put my book down for anything. Of course you all know by now that it is once again another vampire love story. I don't want to spoil the book for you, so.....iIm not going to tell you what happens even though it's very tempting. I think Stephenie Meyer is now better than J.K. Rowling, and she was one of my favorites, from all of the Harry Potter books. But I hope if you've already read the first three in the saga, that you will not take a break and try different books, or you are missing out on lots.You will of course love the books if you've read the first three. So please read the books and I promise you will love it, because it is one of the best vampire love stories I've ever read. So don't take your time waiting to read it after you finish Eclipse or you will miss alot, and when you do start you will wish you would have started earlier. So go ahead and get started because it is now the best book iIve ever read. I was pretty sad when I finished it because I wanted it to last longer, but I will read the Twilight Saga over and over and over, because I enjoyed it alot. So please take the time and read it and I hope you truly, truly enjoy it. So I think I close think iIm about done with the review and like I said please enjoy.

Rough Waters by S. L. Rottman: Book Cover
Rough Waters by S. L. Rottman: Book Cover
This is a review on the book, Rough Waters, by Davisman.

This book is a very exciting story about how a boy overcomes many hard times and challenges. The book starts out when Scott (15) and Gregg (17) find out that their parents have died in a car accident. They then find out that they will be living with their Uncle Rocky. (Who they have never even met before!) When they arrive, they learn that his house is extremely small, it has no cable TV, and no long-distance phone calls! What's more, their uncle wants them to work for him at his rafting company! Gregg thinks that this is unfair, so he develops a very hateful feeling towards his uncle... Scott, however, just deals with it. Now, Scott has to deal with his brother, Gregg, and his already hard lifestyle. This book is a good read for those of you who are into adventure books about the outdoors. I'd rate it a 4.5 out of 5.

Arf and the Greedy Grabber
Arf and the Greedy Grabber

ARF & THE GREEDY GRABBER reviewed by E4ma

Arf played a practical joke on a real thief. He called Mrs. Dudley to tell her that he found her purse, he stole Arf’s fake purse & ran when he heard noise he entered a blue van with yellow spots & drove away. Meanwhile back in Mrs. Dudley’s house the thief was waiting till Mrs. Dudley to leave the house. Once Mrs. Dudley drove of to the store to get her lost purse the thief went to the house, he already knew where Mrs. Dudley kept her spare key & went in the house, & he stole a T.V.
When he came out Arf &his sister Gloria were running after him, he was startled once he heard them & drove of. Soon the police told them to get in their car & they drove to the station. Mrs. Dudley was in the back car. The police asked them a few questions & Arf explained everything & told them what the real thief was driving. The police caught the thief & were wondering who the real thief was so they asked what was in Arf’s purse, Arf was the first to answer “GOTCHA GREDDY GRABBER”
Mrs. Dudley apologized for being so rude to them & the police arrested the thief, & Mrs. Dudley gave Arf a gift “101 unsolved crimes”.
Stealing is wrong & you could end up in jail if you do steal.
I would like to learn more Arf books they teach important lessons to us all, so……

The book Valhalla Rising by Clive Cussler is very interesting. It is about a NUMA operative named Dirk Pitt, and his friend Al Giordino.The book starts off in the Pacific Ocean,where Dirk and Al are doing research on the Tonga Trench,when Dirk sees something burning on the horizon.It turns out to be the luxury liner Emerald Dolphin.It is carrying a new type of engine that was never tested. The Deep Encounter,which is the research ship that Pitt is on,is taking on over 2500 passengers

The book

Tantalize is a romantic, yet fast- paced story of the mythic tales of vampires and werewolves. Although placed in the modern society, the book has a touch of Transylvanian tradition; Romance, action, hysterics, the works. A young girl named Quincie suffers tragic losses, on a large scale. A particularly curious boy, Kieren, is the love of her, so far, short-lived life.
Tantalize Cover
Tantalize Cover

“What he was suggesting, it was a nice fantasy, one I hoped to revisit in my dreams. But I wouldn’t be a real Wolf, a natural Wolf, just a vampire in Wolf form. No pack would accept me, and Kieren needed not only their protection, but also the chance to live without having to hide half of who he was.

Quincie shares her thoughts about the long passionate kiss she and Kieren just shared. The genes of the werewolves were passed on through kisses, the longer the better. Altogether this is my favorite scene in the whole book.

Kieren, the werewolf, is my favorite character in the story. He’s strong, and powerful. He’s the kind of person you would see on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, as an adult. At, least not in werewolf form. Tantalize, in my “books” is a 5 out of 5 read. Making it a must for all of the mysterious shadows out there, stalking the shelves for a good piece of literature.

War Is... by Marc Aronson: Book Cover
War Is... by Marc Aronson: Book Cover
s666 recommends War Is by Marc Aronson and Patty Campbell
This book is very very good because this book tells you the life of the soldiers. War is crazy, historical, deception, unbearable, delusion, male, linked with religion, worse for civilians, impossible to win and inevitable. Did you ever ask this question? Is war noble? Or is it delusional? Should it be obsolete or is it inevitable? I recommend this book.

Death Note
This is a story about a high school student . Then one day he finds a notebook that says DeathNote on the cover.
He writes in a criminals name in the notebook, and in 45 seconds the person died. Now he wants to eradicate the world of all its criminals and people who are wrong doers in order to make it a peaceful world.

This is an unlike story about ninjas. This boy named Naruto has an evil spirit that dwells inside of his body, and people dislike him because of the spirit that is inside of him. Now he has become a ninja and he is competing various tasks, and one day he dreams to become a Hocage.

This is about a reverend that has sold his soul to the devil in order to get enough power to defeat the evil creatures that now roam the earth.
The reason he sold his soul was to save someone that he loved.

The Dreaming
This is a story about 2 twins that go to a boarding school. Then their aunt leaves for 3 months to do some work.. The vice principal dislikes the twins, so Jena and Amber go to Milles party and Jena does a mirror dare, but she sees something odd in the mirror. Finally, that are 23 students who have been missing from the school.

Anina manga
This is about high school girls, and their homeroom teacher is crazy. The girls names are Tomo, Chiyo-chan, Kongura, Yomi and some more characters.
So then they go to Chiyo-Chan summer house. Tomo throws the key into the garden. Then finally in the 4th book they are talking about what kind of college they want to attend.

The basics of this story is, it’s about a boy who was adopted by a married couple who has a child of their own. But what they don’t know is, that Shin-Chan is a complete idiot. He always makes fun of the stupidest things. Kind of like his own buttocks(he does a dance with his buttocks out in the open air.

Chibi Vampire
Well this is about a girl who is, of course, a vampire, but she does not suck blood from people. She gives people her blood instead. And sometimes, she hemorrhages blood randomly, sometimes from her chest or from other vital areas.

Dragonball Z
This is about a person named Goku who saves the world. When he is an adult, he has a son named Gohan. And his older brother named Rataist kidnaps his son. And he wants them to fight him. So Goku joins up with Piccolo and they fight Rataist. So when they’re fighting, Goku sacrifices his own life to save his son and to kill Rataist along with it. Then they’re looking for the dragonballs to resurrect Goku. Yu yu hak asho
This is about a boy who saves this younger persons life from a car. But the car hits him instead and kills him. So when his body catches on fire at night in his room, his soul returns to his body. And he runs out of his house. So now he has the ability to fire energy out of his fingers. Then him and his friends join together and they try to keep the Earth in peace.

Shamon King
It’s a boy that has a sword…..with a soul dwelling inside of it. So he’s trying to compete in tournaments to become the new Shamon King. But then, his enemy always desiring to fight him. And the boy has some strange friends that help him out along the way.

One Piece
This is about a boy named Loofy, and he wants to become king of the pirates. But in his childhood, he eats this cursed fruit and he has the ability to stretch his body to great lengths. He wants people to join his crew and one of them is Zola, Chopper, Ussop, Sanji, and another character who likes treasure and she is trying to reclaim her land by buying it back.

Yu gi oh
This is about a weird card game. And this boy named Yugi is trying to remember his name and to get back his memory. Eventually, he has his soul taken by a person named Pegasis by way of a videotape and the artifcts installed inside of his body.

Zatch Bell
This is a story about a teenage boy who find a book and this little boy emerges from the book. So they end up working together to return Zatch, the one who came from the book, back to his world.

Judas is a spirit that can control people. He is trapped inside a body that disables him from doing anything that he wants. (But really, who could care less about that?) Behind a person that he forces to follow certain rules that are not their favorite things to do is a trail of blood, murder, death, and depression. And in order for Judas to escape this wrath that he faces, he must kill 666 people, and reap the same amount of souls. But can he do it, or is he having too much fun torturing innocent souls like he has been for probably years now.

This is about a teenager and he can see souls and he meets a girl named rukea
,and the surprise is that she is a soul ichigo and his friends are helping
him out on his journy.and his job is to save the living like humans.And for shure
that he is going to have a big change in his life.

Well this is a sponge who lives down in the sea .So this sponge name is sponge bob
Squarepants and has a lot of adventures.His best friend is astarfish and spongebob
Has a pet name gary and gary can supruse you.Sqidward is a person who works with
Spongebob and spongebob us really nice to sqidward,but sqidward can nice to spongebob