I think most girls would like this book only because it is such a exciting book, and there is always something big going on in one of the girls lives.
Flawless written by Sara Shepard

If you have read the first Novel of Pretty Little Liars you know that a girl named Alison Dilaurentis mysteriously disappeared. Later on in the book you find out the Alison’s body had been found. Yup, poor Ally is dead, long dead. The girls have been getting weird texts, emails, and letters from a mysterious person signed as A. A seemed to know all their dirty little secrets, and she was not afraid to tell! The girls are up for a shock knowing that someone else besides Alison knows there secrets … but whom. We also find out a huge secret that wasn’t yet discovered in Pretty Little Liars. It turned out that Alison was responsible for a girl named Jenna (a dork in the neighborhood) going blind. Turn out though, that Toby Jenna's step brother also knew that it was Allison, who lit the firecracker which caused Jenna to go blind. He saw her do it! Allison has dirt on Toby, and if Toby wants Allison to keep her mouth shut, he better take the blame for Jenna's accident. Toby goes along with it, and you are left clueless as to what Toby's secret is. Anyhow, it turns out Spencer was there when Allison was caught by Toby. So now she knows that Toby knows that they are responsible for Jenna's accident. Now A, the secret stalker knows everyone, secrets are back and Spencer is starting to believe that ‘A’ is Toby and now that Toby is back in town, she feels she has to warn the others. Will the girls ever find out who “A” is? Will they ever confess to Ali causing Jenna to go blind? Will Toby still wants his revenge for the girls? Well you’re just going to have to read the book yourself!

By: Iman R.



Alyssa writes about My Fair Godmother written by Janette Rallison.
My Fair Godmother
My Fair Godmother

This book is a book that you would not want to put down until you finish. It is a romantic, sad, emotional, and happy book. Just when you think it's over, you turn the page and it has a solution. This book is a fit for adventure/fantasy lovers all the same.

DC writes: This book won't be released until January 2009. JFK has a Blogger's Group that reviews books from ARC's. We would like publishers to send us more copies of books so we can chat about them in our group before writing our reviews. Contact our librarian to learn how to send us more books.

JFK also has a Library Advisory Board of students who look through catalogs and flyers, search local bookstores and libraries, and talk to other tweens/teens about books we should have in our library.

This book My Fair Godmother is an awesome book. It's a book that you'll start to read and be like "ughh!" But if you keep reading, then you'll get the good parts. And you're not "gonna wanna" put it down. It's about romantic things and it is sad, but then happy. So yeah, it's emotional. It's more than a sad book, if you'll keep reading. So when you read a book, DON'T STOP, okay? Get it if you can find it.

Alyssa writes about Diary of a Chav by Grace Dentexternal image 57991689_a.jpg which will be released October 1, 2008.

This book is a good book for people who love the "gangster love." The setting is in Britain. Not every word is very understandable. The proper age groups are from 11+. This book is a tragedy and a love story.

external image 57991689_a.jpg What is a chav? From the publisher's website

Chav: (n.) A British insult for white working-class people fixated on street fashions derived from American hip-hop such as imitation gold and fake designer clothing,"

external image romietteandjulio-250w.gif
Romiette and Julio
By Sharon Draper

This book is really great. It is a modern day Romeo and Julliette story. Julio who is Hispanic and Romiette who is black meet each other online and immediately feel the attraction. While chatting online they learn that they both go to the same school and then the story begins. The gang at school, "The Family," do not approve of what is going on between Romi and Julio. If you want to read a book with Love and Tragedy, this is a great book for You.

-Namaudi H.

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
external image C_0689865384.jpg
This book was really good. It kind of shows you what it really means to be pretty. It is set in a futuristic setting. The main character is Tally. She really wants to be a Pretty. When she turns 16 she'll get the operation, but Shay, her new friend, ran away and that caused her problems. Then Special Circumstances, the authorities, gives her two choices; betray Shay and become a Pretty or stay loyal and be ugly for the rest of her life. This is a great book for people who like to read, especially if you like The City of Ember. It's an awesome teen-fiction and fantasy book. There's friendships, lies, love, and betrayal in this story. You should really read it.
-Jennifer M.

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld
external image C_0689865392.jpg
This is the sequel to Uglies. It continues the book really well. There's like a surprise on every page. Pretties is a continuing of Tally's adventure after she turns Pretty. She goes to all the parties, becomes a Crim, and has the best life ever, until Croy shows up. He gives her the cure and leaves. Then she goes and meets Zane, leader of the Crims. They fall in love and everything. Then her life starts getting complicated. I would recomend this book to people who like The House of Night Series. It kind of follows the same plot, but not all the way. You should really read this book, you'll get hooked.
-Jennifer M.

Maximum Ride: School's Out-Forever
Maximum Ride: School's Out-Forever
Maximum Ride:School's Out-Forever
by James Patterson

I really like this next book in the Maximum Ride books. It has a lot of thrills and adventurous plots. It is like you've figured out what happened, but it turns out it's something else. This book is action packed and you can't stop reading it. It definitely has a good climax. It is the continuation of Max and the flock's escape running away from the white-coats and Erasers; running away from Jeb, the School, and trouble; and trying to keep their freedom. Then, Fang gets hurt and he has to be taken to the hospital. A stranger named Anne suddenly pops up in their life and suggests for them to let her take care of them. Things start to feel like they're getting better for the flock, but they'll soon find out how right Max may be about Anne. I give this book infinite thumbs up. It's a great sci-fi book. At least I think it is. You should open up this book - you'll be interested for sure. You'll be interested for sure.
-Jennifer M.

Awakening by Robin Wasserman

external image cy1-cover.jpgThis book was amazing. Its the first book to the trilogy of Chasing Yesterday. The story plotting is really, really good. It's a mix of mystery and adventure. This would be a great book for tweens/teens to read. Its about a girl named J.D. who woke up stranded and seeing a figure. Her vision was blurry so she couldn't see well. Suddenly, sounds of sirens are coming closer and the figure runs away. She wakes up again but this time in a hospital. The nurse asks for her name but she doesn't know. She doesn't even know who she is and she can't remember anything at all. Everything is a black cloud in her mind and whenever she tries to remember, J.D. gets painful headaches. After being sent out of the hospital to a juvenile school she meets a bully. They fight and somehow without touching the bully, Mel (the bully) gets thrown to the farthest wall. Two or three days later a stranger comes in and claims that she is J.D.'s mom. J.D. starts to feel like she's remembering things, but it wasn't her, it was like a totally different person. Troubles start to rise after that. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next. I give it two thumbs up. It was awesome. If you liked the Maximum Ride books. you should read this. You shouldn't miss the chance to open up this book and read it!
-Jennifer M.

Tithe by Holly Black

external image tithe.jpg

This book was very alluring. It's an awesome read. It's exactly what it says on the title, a modern faerie tale. You won't be able to get enough of it. It's about a teenage girl. She has a mom who loves to be in bands. Her mom lets her do whatever she wants, such as smoking and drinking or staying out as late as she wants. One night, at the bar her mom sang at, Lloyd (her mom's boyfriend) tried to kill her mom. That caused Kaye and her mother to move back to her grandma's for a while. At her grandma's she starts remembering her adventures with the faeries that people would say was just part of her imagination. She knew they weren't though. Kaye goes hanging out with Janet, an old friend of hers, and Janet's friends. Kaye started to wander out of the group and found a broken carousel horse up somewhere in the building they were in. She imagines that it is a living breathing creature while she is patting its mane and riding it. Then, Kenny comes in and discovers her there. He saw that the horse was actually moving! He starts to touch her and then Janet comes in along with the rest of the group. They were starting to wonder what happened. Kaye was so embarrased she ran out alone into the cold, rainy night. In the woods while running she sees a dark figure. It turned out to be a knight. She helps him and he goes off. The next day or so she gets a message from her faerie friend to not talk to him. And just after she got her note, just like coincidence, he appeared again. Things start heating up in the story now. You'll just have to read it to know what happens. I really liked this book. You should read it and I mean it. It is an awesome book for people who love, love, love fantasy.
-Jennifer M.

Suddenly Supernatural; Scaredy Kat
Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat (Suddenly Supernatural)
Suddenly Supernatural: Scaredy Kat (Suddenly Supernatural)

This book is for people who love mystery. I was on my toes the whole time. This medium girl is learning to be herself. This book is a perfect description of what girls are going through everyday. Most girls are still tring to find themselves, mediums and all. This book can help girls of all ages to find themselves. All in all, this is a great book.

Twilight; by Stephemie Meyer

Twilight, this book is classic tale about a girl falling in love. However, the boy she falls in love with is a vampire. Now Bella Swan lives in a world where vampires are good and bad. Some drink human blood while others drink animal blood. It starts when Isabella Swan moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona, to Forks, Washington, where it is always raining. There she meets new people, discovers new secrets, and gets hunted by a vampire that is thirsty for her blood. If you love romance, mystery, or the ocassional chill, then this book is perfect for you.
external image movieposter3.jpg
Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
What I liked the most about this book is between the two charecters
is LOVE. They never gave up, all his friends wanted to pretty much eat her
because they are vampires.
My favorite part is when she told him "I know you are a vampire" and he asked her
"are you scared?" and she sad " NO".
By: Nardeen.

Maximium Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports

Maximum Ride by James Patterson: Book Cover
Maximum Ride by James Patterson: Book Cover
This book is really cool. Max is still on her mission: to save the world. It is probably the best book out of the whole series. There is a lot of character development. Max and the flock finally escape the lab/company in Florida. Now they're back on the run. Fang is still working on his blog too. But instead of telling you everything else that happens, let me tell you this one thing. There is a big climax. So Fang wants to use his blog to save the world, but Max wants to do it alone right. Okay, so after they get caught and get free again, with Ari's help, Ari tags along. This makes matters even worse. Fang doesn't want to be anywhere near Ari because of the life-threatening incidences. Fang asked Max to make a choice: him or Ari. Max picks Ari so Fang wants to split up. I know, right! SPLIT UP! I mean they've been together forever and all of a sudden they're breaking up. The flock got split in half afterwards. The girls, Ari, and Total went with Max, but the dudes went with Fang. Things start happening after they split. More flyboys start attacking too. You should really read it. Es muy interesante. (Haha I used some of my Spanish knowledge.)

-Jennifer M.

New Moon; Stephenie Meyer
This is the second book in the twilight saga. Like in the first book, Bella is in love with a vampire. However, the boy that stole her heart left. Now Bella doesn't know what to do. For four months, she does nothing. But then she gets her life back on track when she starts to hang out with her best friend. What she doesn't know is that Jacob Black is a werewolf. Now she is really worried. When she realizes that she can hear Edward's vioce when she does reckless stunts, she starts going extreme. But, when she jumps off a cliff, she nearly dies. Then, Edward's sister, Alice, returns. She tells Bella that Edward is going to do something to get himself killed. So, it is a race to Italy to save Edward and prove she loves him. It is a story of true love and it will have you almost in tears until the very end.

Eclipse; Stephenie Meyer
This is the third book in the Twilight saga. Bella and Edward are still happily in love. Only, there is a new complication. Jacob Black is in love with Bella. And she loves him, too. When she considers her life with Jacob, she sees that she can't live without Edward. Edward sees this too, and asks Bella to marry him. Surprised and breathless, she agrees. Then out of nowhere, a vampire set on killing Bella returns. That is when a war begins. Now the Cullens and the werewolf pack from La Push must come together to stop an army of newborn vampires from killing Bella. It is truly a book that you will not be able to put down until you have finished. Be sure to look for the next reveiw over Breaking Dawn.

Breaking Dawn; Stephenie Meyer
This is the final book in the Twilight series. When Bella and Edward get married unusual start to happen. This book is not only told from Bella's piont of veiw; but also from Jacob's. When Renesmee,Edward and Bella's child, is thought to be an immortal child' the Volturi steps in. Everyone had gone to friends to witness that Renesmee is not immortal and tells this to the Volturi. Bella is now a vampire and has a special power of her own. Like the last three books, this one is full love, mystery, and the sensation of thrill.
external image 13781408.JPG

Valiant by Holly Black

This book is very interesting. It is the continuation to Tithe. It can be very addicting the farther you get. It is about a human girl name Val. She was going to go on a date with her boyfriend Tom. They were going to watch a game. She left early because Tom was late. Her mom was acting a little suspicious though. She then remembered that she forgot something so she went back to her house. When she opened the door she saw her mom and boyfriend making out! It surprised her so much she ran away. She got tired from walking and went into a coffee shop to buy some coffee. She meets two strangers there, Lolli and David. From then on her life changed in a way you could never imagine.You should really read this book. It has some profanity in it though, so I don't think you should read it unless you're mature enough. It is an awesome book aside from that though.
-Jennifer M.

Keeping The Moon. Just one of the girls.
external image KeepingtheMoon.jpg

A girl named Colie never fits in. Was it because she was fat?
When she lost the weight, she still didn't fit in.It was becouse of
hereputation that she didn't deserve.So when she's sent to stay with
her eccentric aunt Mire for the summer, colie doesn't expect much.
After all, why would anyone in Colby, North Carolina, want to bother
with her when no one back home does?

By: Nardeen

The Battle of Jericho by Sharon Draper was an outstanding novel that hooks the reader form the moment you open the book to the second you close it. It will grasp the attention of young adults anywhere. The novel follows the story of a young pledge named Jericho. Along the way Jericho battles the competition on his way to becoming a brother in his school’s fraternity. Jericho must learn to work and fight for what he needs the most. With his best friend Josh by his side Jericho learns that he can accomplish all. This novel was excellent and I recommend it
By: Briana J.

By: Suzanne Fisher Staples
external image Shabanu.jpg
external image Shabanu.jpg

This book is about a girl who is named Shabanu-the daughter of the wind. She is a camel herder of the Cholistan desert who faces many problems while living there. She and her family constantly has to move from one place to another to find their needs such as shelter,food, and most importantly water. She also faces many troubles in her life. She has a best friend named Gulaband who is a camel that she loses later in her life. She also has an arranged marrage with whom she doesn't want to get married to. Life is without freedom for young Shabanu. Will she live up to the marriage with whom she hates? It's up to you to find out what happens next.

I really enjoyed reading this book and thought it was excellent. I strongly recommend this book to anyone,young or old.
Review by: Tina B.